Doggy doo-doo


My dearest friend in the world has just renovated her house. She turned a 20th century knock-down into a beautiful and modern home.
She spent months on researching the best materials for her marble benches and recycled floorboards.
Her home is definitely her pride and joy.
The area she spends most of her time is her well thought out garden. Where she has indigenous plants and is clearly knowledgeable in all the variables of each plant and where the sun will hit them at different times of the year, and how to get the best out of them.

What she is extremely unhappy about is how many dog walkers allow their pets to poop on her front walkway without removing the unsightly, smelly and foul turds.

I was unaware of her revulsion towards these dog owners till I saw a little white sign that she had gently attached to the tree in her front yard that read “Children at play, keep your dog’s poo away!”
What a giggle I had.

But of course it fell right into ETQT’s pool of the etiquette of dog walking and deficating.

She is absolutely right, and on enquiring a little further, she explained that her daughter had stomped through one doo-doo and left the stench and footprints through her car. Yuch!!!

I’m not going to explain how my dad is a dog walking offender, but suffice it to say that I’d steer clear of Rushcutter’s Bay kiddies monkey bars as little Louis has a penchant of leaving his excrement there! Yuch, again.

Back to dear girlfriend and her existing problem, she explained to me how irate she is at such disgusting, selfish, irresponsible and disrespectful people who should know that it’s illegal to leave your dogs poop in public places.

So I did a little research and discovered that in the City of Sydney, the fine is $275. In Victoria it ranges from $50 to $500. And in Adelaide the fine relates to the owner not carrying a doggy doo-doo bag, and not the dog doing his doo-doo.

On a more curious note, there is a squad of plain-clothes poo police who will nab any culprits smh poo police! I wonder what their badge looks like?

Our little Maltese Hailey is rarely seen doo-doo-ing in public. She saves it for the privacy of our home! And they say dogs don’t shit where they sleep…but then again, Hailey doesn’t read my blog.

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